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I teach ages 10 and up (72 was the oldest so far!) And I'm located in the Lake Magdalene area (Bearss/N. Boulevard) So you are looking for guitar lessons here in Tampa and are wondering how to pick a teacher. That's awesome! Choosing the right teacher is an important decision. There are LOTS of great guitarists out there, but not all of them are great teachers. I believe in keeping my students motivated on the guitar and have been teaching in Tampa for over 20 years. The only thing I like more than playing guitar, is helping others to find the passion that I have for the instrument. My approach is simple; if I can get you good on guitar as soon as possible, you are more than likely to refer me to others. I make the lessons fun and have the tools to make this possible. The only requirement from you is a little timeeach day to practice and a guitar!

I teach the following styles: Pop, Rock, Country, Blues
Whether it's an acoustic or electric, I can help you get started on guitar or help you improve on guitar.
Ages 10+ Rhythm/Solo/Fingerstyle
I also offer recording services

Guitar lessons are once a week at the same time each week. I teach Mondays through Saturdays 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm.


1/2 hour lesson same time each week $100/mo.
45 minute lesson same time each week $150/mo.
1 hour lesson same time each week $200/mo.
I do not offer make up lessons. If you miss a lesson there are no make-ups or credits.
All lessons are taught here in my studio, sorry, I don't deliver lessons.
Payment is always due on your first lesson of the month.

I also have all of my students download "GuitarPro" which is an amazing software that I have several practice routines on,
where I teach you the lesson and then you get to practice along with it during the week while you are at home. Click here to find out more.


I have spent the past 40 years playing guitar, writing music, playing in bands, performing as a solo act and have spent the past 20 years recording 100's of songs. I moved to Tampa over 20 years ago and began teaching not long after that. I have a strong passion for teaching, mainly because I love seeing people learn something as gratifying as the guitar. There's truly a magic feeling of being able to play songs that you hear on the radio or create something from your own head. I have had countless students through the years show up not knowing anything on the guitar and then I see them playing songs that they never thought possible. That is something you MUST experience and I'm here to help you reach your dreams. This requires a lot of dedication on your part. I can help you with all of this! I'll help you reach your goals every week and you will be amazed at the results. The more you practice the exercises I give you, the better you get. This is a 2-way street - I have to provide excellent instruction and you have to put the time into the practice. If you feel you are ready to take the plunge, then let's get started!

  • A Guitarist's Timeline


    I started messing around with my sister's guitar ever since I was 5 - I didn't start actually learning guitar till I was around 13. As soon as I put in the effort, I felt immediate results and I was in my first band by the age of 15!

  • The 1980's

    I was already performing in front of people in my teens! I couldn't get enough of these 6 strings!

    I played in several bands in the 80's and 90's and just couldn't put the guitar down! I loved classic rock, blues and a little bit of folk music too!

  • Live shows and recording!

    In the 2000's I already had a recording studio setup, was performing regularly with bands and composing my own instrumental rock music as well as helping other local musicians to record and market their music.

  • It's all about guitar

    In 2010, I began building my own guitars and to this day, I continue to teach guitar and build custom guitars!


Hear what my students have to say...


Our son, Dominic ,has only been in lessons with Virgil for 5 months,but we are amazed at his progress. He was self taught, and now has a great understanding of reading music(Guitar Tablature), and all basic fundamentals of playing guitar. Virgil has inspired Dominic to not only play the guitar, but to KNOW HOW TO PLAY. We are thrilled to have found a teacher who is so passionate about music and so patient with his students.

Sincerely, Tony and Michelle Bonaventura

I've been playing guitar for 3 years. The first 2 were spent searching the internet for lessons. Then my wife gave me a gift certificate for lessons with Virgil (Thanks honey, but was I really that bad?)

When I started with Virgil, I knew a few scales but I didn't know what to do with them. After only a few lessons, I was connecting them together, bending strings and on my way to learning a complete song, including the solo. There is no better way to learn than having someone knowledgeable watch you play. Virgil will tailor the lesson to the music you enjoy. When I walk into his studio, he is hanging up the acoustic guitar from a previous lesson and cranking up the distortion. Virgil always has a custom lesson prepared for me & is quick to respond to questions after the lesson via email. I am glad my wife introduced me to Virgil. I think she is thrilled that the “noise” has turned into “music”.

Hmmmm…..I think I’ll go play guitar now.

Chris Smith

I strongly recommend Virgil if you are serious about growing as a guitar player. Virgil’s approach to Guitar lessons blends understanding the fretboard roadmap, scale theory, discipline and development of individual style In your favorite genre. His lessons are well organized with excellent supplemental materials and backtracks. Look no more Virgil is your man.

Mark Callison

Virgil Mandanici has been teaching guitar lessons to my son Santosh Tirumala for the past 1 year and under his guidance my son has made remarkable progress. Virgil is not only a great teacher but also knows how to motivate his students based on each individual students skill level, character, strengths and weaknesses. Santosh has benefited greatly from his guidance, expertise and experience. Virgil is very meticulous and made sure that Santosh learns his basic guitar skills well so that it will serve him well in the long run.I have personally seen Santosh change from being unsure of his guitar skills to being very confident and playing well at home during his leisure after his hectic school work. I would definitely recommend Virgil as a guitar teacher to all who are considering him and would not hesitate to refer him to my friends and family.

Ramesh Tirumala

My guitar lessons with Virgil were amazing. His guidance and attention to detail helped me fully realize my own potential. On top of his excellent abilities as a teacher , Virgil is an awesome guy to be around.

Roberto Agosto

Mr. Mandanici is my sensei. Outstanding guitar teacher and a great person overall. His methods of teaching the basics of guitar playing are methodical and easy to understand for a beginner like me. Provides very good handouts for the lessons learned. Tunes my guitar before every lesson. Those 30 minute lessons are well spent, no wasted time.

Ivan Vazquez

Virgil is the most heart-felt music teacher I've had the pleasure to study with. His lessons are individually tailored to suit his student's goals, and he maintains the exact amount of decorum and detail-focus during the lessons--while always encouraging practice in a way that doesn't feel overbearing. Fantastic experience. Whether you've never held a guitar, or if you've been in a band for years, Virgil can help you reach whatever your goals are. He's truly one of the greats.

David Moye

So having never played a musical instrument, I decided that it was time to try something new. Always wanted to try the electric guitar, and found Virgil online. I have been taking lessons with Virgil now for over 6 months, and I can honestly say that I am excited about my progress and look forward to every lesson (unless I haven't practiced, of course). Virgil makes it fun, interesting and entertaining. Every lesson is a new skill, technique or theory that I can practice or apply. I have built a strong base and look forward to where I go next on guitar. He has a great sense of humor and at the same time pushes me to work harder and get better. He always gives me enough to practice at home so things don't get boring or routine. I am so grateful for finding such an awesome teacher.

Rick Cunningham

I never thought I would be able to learn how to play the guitar in my late twenties but since starting lessons with Virgil, I have! I have been taking lessons with Virgil for a year and a half and since the beginning, Virgil has been a wonderful teacher. I'm amazed at the songs I've been able to learn and the level I am in now. He's very accommodating with the type of music you want to learn and very helpful in enabling you to perfect your form and sound when learning a song. I would recommend his classes to everyone!

Katerina Smith

I took lessons from Virgil for about a year to brush up on my acoustic skill set. Virgil is an awesome teacher! He is very professional and organized. I learned an array of acoustic techniques, chords and scales. His wealth of musical knowledge is second to none!

Brad Baranowski


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I teach ages 10 and up!

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