If you are looking for guitar lessons/guitar teacher in Tampa to learn guitar for the first time OR if you are an experienced player looking to improve on your guitar playing, look no further. You don't have to go to a "Music Lesson Warehouse" where they run you through like cattle and it's too noisy to hear the teacher! Come to my studio in North Tampa and focus on getting where you need to go on the guitar.

You have found the ultimate source if you were searching for Guitar Lessons or guitar teachers in Tampa, Florida.


I have been playing guitar for over 37 years, but more importantly, I know how to teach others how to play using my Customized Curriculum Program for ages 10+ this is a truly unique program that you will not find anywhere else - you are benefiting from a well-laid out plan to help you get to where you want to go on guitar. And the best part is, I make it fun to learn! I have been teaching in Tampa for the past 20 years and I look forward to helping you with your goals on the guitar!


My name is Virgil Mandanici, and I am a guitar instructor and I teach out of my home recording studio in the North Tampa area - I teach the following:

Acoustic & Electric Guitar instruction
Beginner & Intermediate guitar lessons

I have over 37 years playing experience and love to teach guitar! I make learning the guitar easy and fun - the only thing you need is a guitar and some time every day to practice.


Hear what the students are saying:

Hey my name is Raine I am 14 and been playing the git for about 6 months. I started off thinking I could teach myself. I was wrong; we found Virgil on the internet and started taking lessons (at his studio in North Tampa). I was amazed at how fast I improved plus I know Virgil is the greatest teacher out there his humor and patience is great. I took piano for 5 years and he breaks away from the formal method of teaching--never boring.

Raine C.

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I teach the following styles/techniques on guitar:

  • Rock Guitar
  • Folk Guitar
  • Modern Rock
  • Blues Guitar
  • Country Guitar
  • Classic Rock Guitar
  • New Age Guitar
  • Surf Guitar
  • Metal Guitar
  • Rhythm Guitar
  • Solo Guitar
  • Strumming techniques
  • Slide Guitar
  • Finger picking
  • Songwriting
  • Composition
  • Arrangements
  • Guitar Improvisation

What is the difference between me and other guitar teachers in the Tampa area? Well, I am not limited to just teaching guitar - my students have goals with their music and can even record themselves in my studio with different projects as they progress on the guitar. If you are
searching for guitar teachers and instructors in the Tampa Bay area, it is always recommended
to let them know of your expectations on the guitar. Guitar teachers should be able to meet or exceed your expectations. Click here to hear what my students are saying.

Take a tour around my web site and see all the things I offer to my students - also check out some of my music in the "Listen" section. This can give you an idea of my playing ability as well as my recording capabilities in my studio. Teaching from ages 10 to adult, I can help you get to where you want to go on guitar! Read More.

If you are looking for lesson pricing, please go directly to my pricing page which is located here. Remember, you always get what you pay for and guitar lessons are truly an investment that will change your life!

I try to make the lessons as fun and enjoyable as well as interesting to keep students enthusiastic during their time while studying the guitar. My students are able to download FREE jam tracks that help them when they are practicing at home. I also utilize state-of-the-art software to help you learn songs faster and build up your speed & accuracy as well. They also get supplemental lessons to practice at home with by using Guitar Pro Software.

Other Guitar Teachers? Absolutely!

Thomas Coffey -If you are interested in Classical Guitar lessons, I highly recommend Thomas Coffey - you can visit his web site by clicking here.

Todd Grubbs - If you are looking for rock/blues guitar lessons and are in the Brandon/Valrico area, I highly recommend Todd Grubbs. You can visit his web site by clicking here.


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